I should probably consider some when I transplant these from 3 quart to 2 gallon pots. Plants are especially vulnerable right before they begin to bloom, so always avoid transplanting in the spring. Does this happen to anyone else after transplanting clones for this first time? Starting with partial shade and indirect sunlight will be beneficial for the first few days. It has a meter going from 1-9 (dry-wet). Some clones droopy stil. After transplanting month 2 is it normal for leaves to droop and I have lights on for 12 hours should I turn them off after transplanting or leave on at 50% Reply ↓ By latewood_ILGM ,09 Oct 2017 Starter plugs can be used in both. The vegetative growth stage of cannabis growing takes place after the clone stage, or seedling stage (depending on how what you started with - clone or seed? Hi Tony, I could possibly some kind of shock , after transplant, if they were drooping before you transplanted they could have been over watered a little but prior. Dig a hole that is twice the size of your root ball, and plant it at the same depth that it was planted in the pot. Open . SO, last night i transplanted everyone from the veg room to the big room! after i transplanted the clones that i got from a dispensary, and watered it down, i woke up in the mourning and i seen both of my babies drooping. You need to introduce your clones to sunlight (after transplant) in a gradual, slow manner. Always take care of the roots. In other words, don’t touch them. Transplanting Young Cannabis Plants At The Right Time Makes Them Grow Faster! Thread starter firsttimeARE; Start date Aug 14, 2013; firsttimeARE Well-Known Member. If using a clear plastic cup with coco for your weed clones, you will notice the small white roots start to grow down towards the bottom of the cups and the sides. The soil doesn't look wet at all, so water the clones planter and add plastic wrap over it and it if is able, it'll improve appearance in a few hours. Clones need humid, warm environments to sustain and encourage root development. got no drooping. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 1, 2010. //-->. If the roots grow to the bottom of the pot, you can transplant them into larger pots. Clones leaves droopy still and got roots. If so, extend the weaning period over a few days or, better yet, clone dome free and no weaning is required. I did everything in my power to make the transition as smooth as possible!