or...? Thanks! 2. here is the size list: 1. :) Thanks so much! :). Can't wait to surprise my hubby with my newfound knowledge of how to use the miter saw! He said it was the easiest thing ever and was really thankful for the tutorial. Jennadesigns.net is a participant of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. I absolutely love to see my efforts helping others, and you are more than welcome to add my images and posts to Pinterest, or to link to them via your blog, or any other favorite social outlet. Could I ask a silly question? Just made this and it’s actually $10 for each ten foot piece of PVC. You rock! Awesome! My father in law is a plumber so he has all this laying around the shop:-) gonna be making this but I too have a smaller suv and would like to know how easy it is to assemble and disassemble?? Made mine eight feet wide and seven feet tall with a beam across the center both vertically and horizontally and a foot in the center just going behind (instead of both in front and behind like the side feet) for stability. I plan to use both cloth and paper back drops. love it. You are simply awesome! Oh my! do you think 12″ (instead of 16″) would be sufficient for support? (couldn't find a hacksaw)! I am so happy to find this site as I needed to make a backdrop for a photobooth for daughter's wedding. You would want to make some type of little caps to close off the stands on the vertical part during travel. I would use a traditional background stand to hold the back of my fabric backdrops. Thanks a million. Thank you for this blog! Thanks again! Just make sure you've got some weight (sand bags, for example) on the bottom of the stand to prevent tipping. ♥️ I use it ALL the time. Hi there I just used this blog to get my items and build my back drop stand. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A few searches online revealed ideas similar to mine, so I decided I wasn't completely crazy and set off for the home improvement store to gather the supplies. The first thing you need to do is cut all the different-sized PVC pipe segments. I can't see the image. The trade-off is worth it to me and it's how I feel most complete! Using the two t-pieces in the center of the legs, connect one of the 54-inch pieces to each side of the stand legs. This just saved me! !I love it! This is an awesome tutorial! Your email address will not be published. Filed Under: Photography Tagged With: photography. I have been looking for a good tutorial for this..I am off to the parts store! Thanks!!! For a quick, makeshift backdrop stand that is easy to assemble and dismantle after use, try this going with this DIY that involves PVC pipes and connectors. I'll get a shot of it in-use for you. Thank you so much for sharing! I just bought the materials and I am off to assemble mine. SO easy to make...the hardest part was searching for the connecting pieces at my apparently unorganized hardware store. Hi, I came across your blog via a YouTube video when I searched for DIY Backdrop Stand. This is great!! DIY- canopy and stage backdrop decor DIY … I'm Jen - mama | photographer | artist | graphic and web designer and writer ... in a past life, I was a L&D nurse and prior to that a journalist, but left those fields to focus on creative pursuits while healing from c-PTSD. He's happy, too! or very thin and flexible? Your instructions were clear and easily understood. 2 years ago | 39 views. So my backdrop needs to be over 7 feet wide. My mom has extra pvc pipe in the basement so all i have to do is cut some for the bottom part of it and buy some ends! Thanks to the commenter about using the schedule 40 PVC – much less expensive, AND easy to cut. . You could, if you're concerned, or you could also place a sand bag/bag of rice or beans/etc. If I push them in too far, they're a really snug fit. I'm hoping this is something I can alone and not need another set of hands. Do you think this would work if I want to make it 6-8' high and 8 foot wide? $19.99 $ 19. Perfect tutorial, but it was a little more expensive in my Canadian Home Depot.Total cost was 85.00 but I had them do all my cuts so I didn't need to buy the cutters. I've seen some YouTube vids and they would sway back in forth however none of them had the pipe in the middle. Once you find out where you like the pieces (when together) you could mark where the end of the end pieces are with a permanent marker, so you don't have to remember it, or have to play with it every time! I cut the pieces {minus the cuts I had done at the store} and assembled them, and I assemble the stand solo when I use it. What do you recommend for a good, sturdy backdrop cloth? http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150974849754012&set=a.10150863569634012.512306.775584011&type=1&theater. Taking the stand apart is very simple! The rolls I use are 86″, just over 7 feet wide. good idea. Thanks for the tip – I’m sure my readers will appreciate it! Report. Makes total sense! I also added a connector to the two 6' cross pieces so the whole thing breaks down a little smaller. I threw mine into a hockey bag that my kids had outgrown, the bag has wheels so I can take it to a clients house. Customer Review ... Linco Lincostore Photography PVC Backdrop Background Small Support Stand System Metal 2.2ft Wide 2.6ft High. My local Home Depot did all the cuts I needed for free. So glad I found this! What on earth?! As any stand it can double as a light stand or a backdrop stand. I've definitely not experienced any swaying or wobbling. :). Thank you again!!! Am sewing backdrops right now to get started tomorrow :). Bed sheets are a fun way to add a pop of color too, and very inexpensive. And I found some curtain panels and tablecloths on clearance @ Target that are just right for the actual backdrops. This is such a great idea! I’m not sure why, but I’ve had a lot of pipe cut there and they’ve never charged me. As of April 25 2016, Costco has some really nifty floral design beach towels ($13.79) which are 40x70 (101cmx177cm). Hi nice backdrop, I made something similar only using coated metal tubing from an old plastic green house very simple to put together, I did run a bit short of open ended tubes (plenty that slotted into the open ended ones). Thanks so much for sharing this idea! Sleep-deprived from long days of being on the video curve (background looked fine until file was exported and compressed, going with green screen). So easy but so helpful to have guidance, and as someone else mentioned, we appreciate you sharing your knowledge!! :) A friend borrowed my stand for an outdoor birthday photo booth. I'm totally building one this weekend. Video of the Day As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. We are looking forward to putting it to use during our midnight, July 4 nuptials! I cannot explain how easy this was to make! 8x 90° angle 6. The frame we are building today measures 6 ft. high by 5 ft. wide once complete. Thanks for the clear directions on cuts! I just made one :D I didn't use the caps and saved almost $6 (yeah it looks better that way but it's still PVC so you can't make it pretty lol) and used T's on the top corners rather than elbows so I could add an extra foot to each side for when I use my 6' or 7' backdrops :). I'm looking to buy fabric at a fabric store and would like to know how many yards I should order. Thanks for the post! Thank you SO MUCH! 2x 90° branch 3. I was able to go to Home Depot and purchase everything for less than $20, cut it up with a hacksaw, and put it all together in a little over an hour, right before my very first newborn session! I knew the … I'm so glad you like the tutorial! Extra – My post How to set up a home studio on a budget was hugely popular in 2016 and updated recently with a DIY home photo studio for bloggers & photographers. PVC pipe is awesome! 3x150cm 3. We used four 4-foot pipes for the horizontal sections and eight 1.5-foot pipes for the vertical sections. Made this tonight!!! ;) ...and I live in the PNW too, p.s. Additionally, for each background color I bought a 50mm x 150cm pipe to mount the background fabric on. Thank you:). How hard is this to take apart and put back together?? 2. : Do you have any suggestions on what can be done to make this more sturdy + to keep this from happening ? Thanks! A photo backdrop stand makes taking great pictures at parties, events or even for a blog, easy! 99. Perhaps vertically, down the center? Question if I want to make the backdrop 7ft tall and 5ft wide, what dimensions should I buy the pipes? It works great for full families. I love how quick and cheap this is. Thanks again.Kelly, Great question, Kelly! How many balloons would I use to make a balloon photo booth? I'm doing a maternity and newborn shoot for a friend this spring, and I'm absolutely loving the idea that I can make my own backdrop stand for so little money, and really so little effort as well. or a quilt? I want to make one big enough for a family shoot. The additional weight would help with any rocking and make the entire stand sturdier. I do this so that I don't miss out on what you have to say! Just followed these directions & it's perfect. If you wish to have a family seated in front, you could probably get away with the current lengths. thank you! My turn to say "Thank you!!" I suspect(but have not tried) that you could cut a thin slot about 1"long on one side of the pipes for the same "easy disassembly" effect. I'm a little quirky but cool (or so my friends tell me)! Thanks Christina, and i meant that i do a lot of my sessions outside so doing them inside is new to me. You could probably even dye them, and I know you could paint on them. How can I order this for my daughter party. Place each pipe into a cross connector. Also, consider some sand bags or other weights to keep the whole thing from tipping, as it will be considerably more top-heavy. I did just that. :). So far, I’ve found it to be very sturdy, even with multiple backdrops clamped to it. Just make sure you weigh down the "feet.". I did this entire project by myself, with my then three-year-old. It’s about 5-foot tall when finished – hope that helps! Browse more videos. Log in. A lot of my photography is inside but i do have two sessions where they wanted traditional setting. Pipe cutter Tape measure Permanent marker Supplies 4 – 10’ PVC pipes 1” diameter 2 – 90 degree PVC elbows 4 – PVC Tee joint Cut lengths 2 – 8’ 2 – 4’ 2 – 3’ 4 – 2’ 2 – 1’ The 2’ and 1’ lengths are interchangeable as feet for the backdrop. ( MERRY CHRISTMAS). This is definitely a project I will be tackling in the near future! WSU... you must live somewhat close to me, I'm about 30 minutes from Pullman :). A fabric in the color of your choice, opaque, 150cm x 400cm (around 3 € … Any help would be awesome. All of that extra light bouncing around the room could have the adverse effect of causing light to show *through* the background material, assuming you're using cloth and not seamless paper. I think there afraid of the competition. Diy- two layer PVC pipe backdrop decor DIY- pink and silver decor. Easy and affordable! I had to go with the 3/4" PVC, so it doesn't feel quite as sturdy as I think it would with 1". Note: Adapted from Todd Asher’s design – see here, or here for more details. Today it's may 2015 and I just used this to build a backdrop. They're sold at the hardware store for a couple of dollars, and seriously strong. Aug 1, 2018 - DIY Freestanding PVC Backdrop perfect for photobooth and display for paper flower crafts! Hi Christina, I thought this was a very helpful blog and I can't wait to make one of these myself! Jul 7, 2019 - 41+ Trendy birthday party diy backdrop pvc pipes #diy #party #birthday Can you see those small, red clamps at the bottom of the first image in this post? This is great work! You can use a miter saw, hacksaw or pipe cutter to cut the pieces yourself. Use fabric and PVC pipe to make a photo backdrop for your wedding. 12:26. May 28, 2014 - I love nothing better than a good PVC construction. The answer is a DIY backdrop stand that costs less than $20 and that you can make in less than 15 minutes. Many professional photographers use curtain backdrops to control what is seen behind the subjects of the picture. Just threw it together in no time for a newborn shoot tomorrow, and I am *super* excited to use it! I just wrapped up my build for a children's beauty pageant to tomorrow and will post some shot samples soon! :), This is the cutest comment!! So pleased you were happy with it! I use a clean five-gallon bucket to stand all of the pieces in, with the bucket in a corner and the longer lengths propped in the corner. Library. Hey! For one inch pipe, you'll want to look for the fittings that are also labelled with one inch :). Learn how to hang your paper flowers. It will always be done at malls and vendor fairs, no permanent setup, always traveling, and always sitting for photo. Get the schedule 40 pvc instead. I am going to purchase two 7-foot lengths of 3/4-inch PVC pipe and simply swap out the 54-inch pieces when I want to use those. The inside of the fittings are tapered. There is a limit to what the staff at your average store can and will do, though, and they're usually pretty busy in our neck of the woods. I'm glad so many of you love this tutorial!! OK, I know I say this a great deal - but I LOVE th, Last year was insane for not only the world in gen, DIY home photo studio for bloggers & photographers, (2) 54-inch lengths – cut from first 10-foot pipe, (4) 30-inch lengths – cut from second 10-foot pipe, (4) 16-inch lengths – cut from last 10-foot pipe. This is awesome! Made this today, tutorial was very easy to follow. I need a backdrop that can be used at booths at malls, so I needed to find one that can easily be transported. When I assemble my stand, I sometimes have to get HELP to get the pieces apart. Backdrop Stand Instructions . Thanks for the tutorial! Regards from Australia. 1. : Is this made for indoors or outdoors ? Use your best judgement with, say, a wild and crazy two-year-old :) ...but as a general rule, you should have no trouble at all.I've used my stand on carpet and wood floors, with various parts of the leg cross-braces removed to get a wider shot, etc., all with NO trouble. It is great! It didn't wobble a bit.Hope this helps you :). Thanks for sharing this!!! There are a few variables at play here, but generally speaking, yes! Does that make sense? I'll post the URL when I'm done. I plan on making an instruct able based on this page and giving you credit. PVC Pipes, I used 40mm diameter pipes because they are the cheapest at the hardware store next to me, while still providing enough support. $20 DIY Photography Backdrop Stand {PVC Pipe} I've got a newborn session coming up this weekend, and decided to finally act on the idea for a DIY backdrop stand that has been floating around in my mind. Hi! I think so too :) ...I'm actually really excited to post an "action shot"--my new backdrop stand in use with a precious newborn. Thank you for this idea. Jenna. Is it easy for one person to set up and take down, or is 2 people required? 4. Thank you for sharing this project. Amazon has photo backdrop for $20, free labor. It cost me more than that, but it is still cheaper than buying a light stand. Approximately 60″ tall and 58″ wide when finished… hope that helps! I'll post pictures when I put it together this weekend. There are no dumb questions! I'm hoping to make one of these in the next few days, but I admit I'm at a loss when it comes to how I'm going to actually attach these backdrops! Perfect! I'll use it tomorrow for a shoot and let you know how it goes! Cheap DIY Backdrop Stand. These days a photo booth is all the rage for parties and life event. over the back "feet" to make it even more steady. I have few questions to you as we need a backdrop with 8 feet height and 5 feet width-Do we need to purchase larger diameter pipe?Do we need to base piece length for current 36"x12"? Much luck to you with your photography! Next, connect a 30-inch piece to the leg stand and add another t-piece. Cheap, easy to wash and works great with this stand. I would then ask my clients if I could borrow a vacuum, dining room chair or some other house … 2x20cm 5. I'm also going to go to Joann to ask what their opinion might be. So much better than taping sheets to my wall! Watch fullscreen. Or, you can ask the nice guy in the plumbing isle at Home Depot if he will do it for you (free and quick)! In my opinion, yes! I just found this last night, took a pain free trip to Lowe's with my little man in tow, and was able to assemble it in no time! I would love to know if you have any ideas on making the actual backdrop. I made an adjustment and have it adjustable...the top part is 1/2" sliding into a 1'. I built it + I LOVE it! DO you think you could do this same thing but make it twice as big and it would still hold up? 2 years ago | 39 views. If it can be scaled down and still work, that would be even easier to carry and build. Maybe as precautionary adding an extra 'arm' to make it an outward T, thoughts?

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