• Posted on: 4 January 2014
  • By: greeny

IT has to create value for the business by its services. This main principle has to be always kept in mind and focus on. An IT service promotes or allows the customer to reach business goals without undertaking special costs and risks.

In IT services both WHAT and HOW are crucial. What means "fit for purpose". The service has to fullfill the business requirements obviously, but it's not enough. How means "fitness for use". Using the service has to be easy, convenient, fast and smooth. Either is missing, the customer will be disappointed.

Possibilities are limited by a lot of external and internal factors. Limit can be the price, contracts, resources, capacity, laws etc.

Assets are needed to provide a service. Asset mean resources and capabilities. Resources can be financial, infrastructure, information,applications and people. Capablities can be the management, the organization, the processes, knowledge and people.

What does quality mean? Quality = Reported value / SLA

What is a process? A process is set of coordinated activities that uses resources and capabalities to create value for the customer or other stakeholder by its output in a direct or inderict manner. A process always has one or more inputs and converts them into predefined output. Process includes roles, responsibilities, assets and control methods.

The characteristic of a process is:
- measurable
- has a predifned output
- there is customer(s) and/or stakeholder(s)
- something triggers it

Process owner is responsible for the process performs according to the agreement and outcome meets the business goals. Service owner keeps the service in focus not the process. Service owner views the service from the customer point of view and not interested in process details and performance.


Service LifeCycle: Stategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

Operation manages and delivers the services for the business customers and users in an effective and efficient way. Responsibles for technology and process management. This is the place of value creation.


IT as a service (based on ITIL v3)